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Block Certain Sites with Classwize

Ever have students (or entire classes) wandering off to websites you don't want them visiting? Maybe it's just one student that's using Gmail during your class to send messages to friends in other classes. Block it! Here's how you create a rule to do just that with Classwize!

Remove Objects from Pictures with

 It's been a minute. I can't say much right now, but I've found some new quick tech tools you might find helpful. Take a look at allows you to remove objects from images. It's web based, and offers an installed version. Honestly, I've only used the web based version. It suits all my needs just fine. Want to remove annoying things from your pictures. Unwanted people from the background of your vacation pictures? Clutter from your office desk? That sock on the floor of an otherwise pristine hotel room? Your annoying little brother from family pictures? Theinpaint can do most of that. Take a look!

Squatter 21 - Protect Yourself

 Wow. I was preparing a Google Classroom full of resources, and noticed I never did a full release of Squatter 21. Anyway, I'll be the first to admit. I'm not a cybersecurity expert. I don't even like the prefix "cyber." It makes me think of people from the 80's trying to sound smarter than they really are. Anyway, here's some tips. Most of them are solid, reliable tips you can use (along with a little common sense) to keep yourself safe online. When it comes right down to it, thieves are going after the easiest targets out there. Don't be low hanging fruit.

Squatter 24 - Cognitive Bias vol.2

 Yep. More cognitive biases. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to make sure you are aware of potential bias in an effort to seek the truth, rather than what your brain wants to be the truth. Yes, sometimes those are two different things. For example, find a clock with a second hand that ticks. Look at it. Close your eyes. Count to 15. Look at the clock again. Many of you are now asking yourself, why did it take the second hand so long to move right after I opened my eyes. Here's the thing. It didn't take longer. It was the same time as every other second that clock ticks. That seemingly extra long second was your brain's way of interpreting what was going on. Your brain processes big chunks first, and small details later. Your brain can fool you. Isn't that nice? What's even better is that you'll believe it. Anyway, Here's Squatter 24. Click the image below for a full sized PDF.

Squatter 23 - Cognitive Bias

 Ever thought you were right? So right you couldn't possibly be wrong? So right you convinced other people they were wrong? So right you had some serious crow to eat once you figured out you had been mistaken all along? It probably had something to do with common cognitive biases we all have. Cognitive bias is an error in your thinking caused by... well, many things. Take a look at Squatter 23 to learn a bit more about cognitive biases so you can identify them when they happen. Click the image below for a full-sized PDF of Squatter 23.

Squatter 22 - You, You, You Oughta Know

 Yep. It's been a minute. Nothing major to share. Been Busy. Squatter 22 - You Oughta Know Some info that you may find helpful on campus here at the beginning of the year. I promise future offerings will be better. Check it out. As usual, click for a full sized PDF if you'd like to print your own.

Squatter 20 - Mitchell Myths (A Tale of Self-Advocacy)

 Squatter 20 - Mitchell Myths Sometimes, in a position with a vague list of responsibilities, you end up with your responsibilities expanding to all manner of things within your skillset. You also end up expanding your skillset to keep up with additional responsibilities. The more you expand the scope of things you take care of, the more people around you will assume the things you're doing are a part of your job. In fact, if they perceive those things you've added just to help out are among the main things you do, you may find yourself in the situation where you end up doing those side things more than the main things. Next thing you know, the side things have become the main things. Phew... that's a lot of things. That's exactly where you need to advocate for yourself. Create a plan to tame the things that feel out of control. Limit the times during the day they will be in control. Create a plan to adjust expectations of the people you work with. Once you've got t