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Squatter 29 - This Is Hallomeme

 Wow. Three Squatters behind. It really has been a while. I'll save the normal content, and just get to the Squatting. Squatter 29 - This is Hallomeme is all about staying vigilant against Phishing attacks. Another meme based Squatter, hopefully you catch on to some of the humor while learning important information. As usual, click on the link below for a full resolution PDF of Squatter 29.

Squatter 28 - What Has AI Done For Me Lately?

 Welcome back, I’ve missed you. It’s been a minute. We’re getting back in the routine. It’s definitely time for a new Squatter. Common adoption of AI is hitting more and more areas of our daily lives. For teachers, these AI tools are becoming more powerful by the day. Want a tool that takes a grade level, lesson theme, and a passage of text, and uses that to generate learning targets and questions for export to your favorite platforms? You got it. Anyway, you’re not here for this… you’re here for Squatter 28. Here you go! As always, click for a full-sized, printable pdf.

Squatter 27 - ChatGPT Has You

 There's been a TON of posts and information hitting the internet about ChatGPT lately, especially as it pertains to education. I've seen so many people taking the Chicken Little approach to AI in the classroom. You know, "The Sky Is Falling!!" Students will be cheating, and we'll never be able to know. Students won't learn any more, they'll just use AI to complete the assignments for the grade. Students won't be able to think or learn any more! Those are definitely thoughts. I understand why you might have those thoughts. Let's try to be a little more pro-active here. FYI - by pro-active, I definitely do NOT mean to have your IT department block ChatGPT. I mean get ahead of this thing. 1. Yes, students will try to use this technology to cheat. AI "detectors" came online almost as quickly as we found out about ChatGPT. They're not reliable enough for a student to be written up. When it comes right down to it, you should know your stud

Squatter 26 - EduProtocols 2

 And we're back with four more EduProtocols.  I've been very behind on this blog. I've actually already rolled out Squatter 27 in my building. Anyway, Squatter 26 is a few more EduProtocols you can use in your classroom. Think "Lesson Framework, Just Add Content" and you've got the idea. Take a look! As always, click for a printable PDF version.

Shark Tank 3.16.2023

  Innovative Educators of Bryan County Middle High School, Are you driven to make a difference? Do you have the skills required to stand head and shoulders above the rest? When opportunity knocks, do you answer? Are you a contender? ARE YOU ELITE? Show it. Opportunity is knocking. Five minutes. Show them you're driven to make a difference. Show them your skills. Show them you're Elite. Want to know how? Select a paid EdTech tool you would like to be considered by the Sharks. (Examples include, but are not limited to Floop, BreakoutEDU, Plickers, Parlay, Nearpod, PearDeck, Wacom drawing tablet, etc.) Complete the Intent to Enter the Water form. ( ) Create a presentation, and explain why BCMHS needs to fund your chosen EdTech tool. That's it. It's really as easy as 1. 2. 3. Want to know more? Rules? Okay. Here's the lowdown. You may present alone, or as a part of a team. Target presentation length is five minutes. Following the pres

AI Today

  I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that AI is not a future concept. It is here today. Over the holiday season, make some time to play on the website It can write, chat, and create images based on prompts from users. It’s   really   good. Your students know may know about this. They may already be passing off AI writing as their own.   Want to know how good it is? Here’s a couple examples. I told openAI to write a script for a sitcom featuring the grinch and a large talking cockroach. This is its response. Up next, I asked openAI If George Washington ran for President of the USA today, would he win the election. ELA Teachers, you can use this to your advantage. I asked for five writing prompts for seventh grade students about holiday adventures. This is what I got. Math teachers, I didn’t leave you out either. I asked for five word problems that require multi-step equations to solve. Moving on to images, I asked for a cell-shaded image of an astronaut riding a un

Thin Slides - EduProtocols

 Recently, I dropped Squatter 25. If you missed it, find it HERE . The two EduProtocols I covered on Squatter 25 are the Frayer Model, and Thin Slides. I know many of the educators I work with are already familiar with the Frayer Model, but I didn't think anyone had used Thin Slides before... so I made a relatively quick 6 minute video that not only explains the idea behind the Thin Slides EduProtocol, but also sets up a Google Slides template that you can can copy for yourself. Click HERE to make a copy of the template for yourself, and watch the video below to see what it's all about. Happy Thin Sliding!