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The Squatter 12 - Chrome Extensions

 Welcome to The Squatter 12! We're diving back into the realm of Chrome extensions. Here you'll find a handful of super helpful extensions to help you save time, free up memory, record yourself, and keep your students on task. Take a minute and read through the extensions listed. You might find something new. I know I did while researching for Squatter 12. Click the image below for a full sized PDF of Squatter 12.

Tall Tech Guy vol. 3

 We've got a double drop today. Here's a new Tall Tech Guy, and be on the lookout for Squatter 12 also. Tall tech guy is my infographic aimed at students. TTG3 has commonly used Keyboard Shortcuts that students working on Chromebooks can learn to have some time-saving tricks in their bag. From the list, my favorite has to be the ability to snap windows to either side of the screen using alt + [ or ]. You may be thinking "Haven't you already done a keyboard shortcuts graphic" and you'd be right. Squatter 1 had a brief sprinkling of shortcuts. I followed that up this year with Squatter 9 that not only was a deeper dive into keyboard shortcuts, but provided the Windows, ChromeOS, and MacOS shortcuts for each function. The Squatters are intended for teachers. The humor and writing style is a bit more edgy, and is better suited to the "Potty PD" atmosphere. TTG is posted in the hallways of the school for students to see. It has to be a bit more... umm...