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Tech Tip of the Week - Jan 31, 2020

Welcome back for another Tech Tip of the Week.

Have you heard of Google Tour Builder? It’s a tool that works alongside Google Earth and allows people to create tours that include notation and images. This is fantastic for so many things. Have your students plot significant events from history, or trace the life of a character from a book, or create their ideal vacation, or a timeline with locations of the major innovations that shaped the modern world. The link to the website is If you want to check out a sample of what you can do with Tour Builder, head on over to to see a tour based on major events of the American Revolutionary War.

Tech Tip of the Week - Jan 30, 2020

YouTube is great, isn’t it? Did you know that YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine? Think about it. When you want to learn how to do something, you probably head over to YouTube to watch a video about it.

YouTube can be a challenge to use in class. You never quite know what ads will be on the page, or what someone said in a comment. If you’d like to show a YouTube video but are hesitant because you can’t control the rest of the content on the page, here’s a tip… go to, paste in the URL (that’s nerd talk for web address) to the YouTube video you want to show your class. will strip all the extra content and will block the ads that play before and during the video.
As with everything tech, test it here at school before you just assume it will work.
BryCo family, I don't think it'll work for us... yet.

Tech Tip of the Week - Jan 29, 2020

Trying something "new" today. I've written some Tech Tip of the Week posts to be shared in a
work newsletter. So I thought, "I should post these to my blog, too." Here you go. I'll post quite a few
rapid fire at first, then we'll back off to on each week eventually.

Ever wondered “What is the quickest, most efficient way to create a new Google Doc?”
No? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. Try this right now.
Open a new tab in your browser, and in the address bar at the top of the screen enter

Great, now try, or, or, or, or
I just tried It didn't work, but it did do something that made my nerd senses perk up.
Makes me wonder if Google is holding out on us.
Congrats. You’ve now learned the quickest and easiest way to create new documents in Google!

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The Deposit - Updated 10/2/2020

Welcome to The Deposit. You want Squatters? We got 'em! You want tools? They're here too! You want asparagus? What do we look like, Hello Fresh? Get out of here with your asparagus... unless you use asparagus as a code word that means bacon. We'll enjoy that bacon. Wait... I get it now. You're not saying bacon because you don't want that sweet, adorable piggy bank pictured above to get nervous. How considerate of you. You're super sweet, but I have to tell you something. That pig... it's... not... real. Seriously. It's just a picture of a piggy bank. On the other hand, that bacon you promised me better be real.


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