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Tech Tip of the Week - Jan 29, 2020

Trying something "new" today. I've written some Tech Tip of the Week posts to be shared in a
work newsletter. So I thought, "I should post these to my blog, too." Here you go. I'll post quite a few
rapid fire at first, then we'll back off to on each week eventually.

Ever wondered “What is the quickest, most efficient way to create a new Google Doc?”

No? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. Try this right now.
Open a new tab in your browser, and in the address bar at the top of the screen enter docs.new

Great, now try sheets.new, or slides.new, or forms.new, or, or sites.new.
I just tried gmail.new. It didn't work, but it did do something that made my nerd senses perk up.
Makes me wonder if Google is holding out on us.

Congrats. You’ve now learned the quickest and easiest way to create new documents in Google!


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