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The Deposit - Updated 3/18/24

Welcome to The Deposit. You want Squatters? We got 'em! You want tools? They're here too! You want asparagus? What do we look like, Hello Fresh? Get out of here with your asparagus... unless you use asparagus as a code word that means bacon. We'll enjoy that bacon.


Squatters - The Squatter is my High Class Potty PD. No low-rent toilet humor here.

The Squatter 32 - Is A.I. Cheating? - Coming Soon!

Tall Tech Guy - Infographic format tech information aimed at students and created to be posted in the classroom.


Yellkey.com - for easy, TEMPORARY web address shortening. More info in Squatter 4.
Plickers.com - Quick, multiple choice assessments for classes that don't have devices.
Adobe Scan - Use your phone to scan documents to PDF format.
Google Lens - Use your phone camera to do miraculous things, including copy text from images.
Microsoft Office Lens - Use your phone camera to scan documents into various Office apps.

Tech Tip of the Week

These will be more often than weekly until I get caught up with the posts.



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