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A Leap of Faith

Well, here goes. I'm going to jump back in. Not sure how regular this will be, but here we go. I found myself at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference (GaETC) last week. I had an amazing time, and brought home 23 pages of typed notes from the sessions I attended. After one of the sessions, I had the opportunity to speak with the presenter. We spoke briefly about how she got her start on the way to becoming a published author, keynote speaker, and leading figure in Instructional Technology. On the drive home, I reflected on that conversation, the current status of, the YouTube channel, basically everything that I'm doing outside my normal work duties, and things that I do as a part of my work that could become a part of what I do here. Then I remembered a YouTube video that I watched. It was a Q&A with a YouTuber that had a rather large following. He was answering the usual questions about the equipment he uses, the process they use for

Use Google Slides in OBS - Ed Tech 180 #1

Check out my latest YouTube video: Use Google Slides in OBS - Ed Tech 180 #1

You're right. I've been sorry.

I don't mean apologetic. I've been just plain sorry. I'd love to tell you that will end today. I'd love to tell you I'll be back to my regular weekly posts soon. I'd love to keep coming up with new and interesting things to present in this space, The fact of the matter is that I'm not going to promise anything that I can't guarantee that I'll deliver. Here's what I do know. We make sacrifices. We make sacrifices to our families. Sacrifices to our jobs. Sacrifices to all kinds of things. Typically we sacrifice time. We make deliberate choices to divert our time from one project/person/thing to another, and that's what I've done. Things have changed at work. Things have changed at home. They are good changes. I like and appreciate them. I feel I'm better off making them. In order to make those changes, I've had to sacrifice a few things. For example, I have much less time for getting my hands dirty working on my proj