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Potty PD - For the Discerning Educator

This week, the Shake Up Learning podcast (if you're not subscribed, you should be) talked about something called Potty PD. It's basically little "nuggets" of professional development that can be easily picked up in a few minutes from your captive audience.

Check out the current five issues of The Squatter that have been produced thus far this year.

The Squatter 1 - Keyboard ShortcutsThe Squatter 2 - Google ToolsThe Squatter 3 - Google JamboardThe Squatter 4 - ExtensionsThe Squatter 5 - App SmashingThe Squatter 6 - Quickies - shhh... this one won't post in my building until February. Potty PD can be created using a variety of tools. My tool of choice is Canva. Canva's infographic templates offer conveniently sized layouts with color themes built in. At that point, it's just up to you to fill it with content.
Topics covered this year have included keyboard shortcuts, Chrome Extensions, Google Jamboard lesson ideas, App-Smashing, and general Google informati…

Print Friendly - Chrome Extensions - Ed Tech 180

Check out my latest YouTube video: Print Friendly - Chrome Extensions - Ed Tech 180

Octolapse Test Print - Benchy