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Squatter 27 - ChatGPT Has You

 There's been a TON of posts and information hitting the internet about ChatGPT lately, especially as it pertains to education. I've seen so many people taking the Chicken Little approach to AI in the classroom. You know, "The Sky Is Falling!!" Students will be cheating, and we'll never be able to know. Students won't learn any more, they'll just use AI to complete the assignments for the grade. Students won't be able to think or learn any more! Those are definitely thoughts. I understand why you might have those thoughts. Let's try to be a little more pro-active here. FYI - by pro-active, I definitely do NOT mean to have your IT department block ChatGPT. I mean get ahead of this thing. 1. Yes, students will try to use this technology to cheat. AI "detectors" came online almost as quickly as we found out about ChatGPT. They're not reliable enough for a student to be written up. When it comes right down to it, you should know your stud

Squatter 26 - EduProtocols 2

 And we're back with four more EduProtocols.  I've been very behind on this blog. I've actually already rolled out Squatter 27 in my building. Anyway, Squatter 26 is a few more EduProtocols you can use in your classroom. Think "Lesson Framework, Just Add Content" and you've got the idea. Take a look! As always, click for a printable PDF version.