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Wow. That image looks terrible. I need to do better than that. Apologies, all. Also, it's been a long time. There are some reasons for that. Reasons we'll get to in a bit. For those of you looking for Tech Tips... umm... Go try . It's a website that's useful for filtering advertising content as well as the comments section from YouTube videos. 1. Find the video you want to watch (or show in class). 2. Copy the URL of that video from YouTube. 3. Paste the URL into . 4. Watch the video without ads. *** EDIT - Reminder... make sure you always test out your tech plans in the situation you plan to use them. Testing watchkin at home may produce different results when you are on your school network. Also, I have found that some specific videos do not work with watchkin. To that end, make sure you test the video you want to watch on the equipment you plan to use, on the network you plan to use. There is a browser plugin as well. Done a