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Tech Tools - Classwize

 Today's tech tool is more useful in more ways that many initially think. At first glance, most think of device monitoring software as just that... a way to keep an eye on what your students are doing on their devices during your class. If you take some time and think about it less as a disciplinary tool, and more of a feedback tool. When talking with some of my colleagues about rolling out Classwize, I was often told to get ready for an influx of discipline referrals pertaining to Chromebook use. I didn't understand why it would lead to an increase in referrals. I think if you're using this correctly, it will lead to a decrease in device related referrals. No matter which monitoring software you use, don't use it as a "gotcha" tool. Students want to go to explore the internet. They want to discover. They want to find what's out there. That's a good thing... in moderation. Use this as a tool to guide them, and to spark a conversation about why they'

The Squatter 16 - From My Library

 Everyone needs time away. A good mental break can be just the thing you need to come back rejuvenated and ready to go once more. Sometimes that break can be as simple as picking up a book. I've even found a mental break from reading books that apply to my professional life. It just gives me a fresh perspective to bring back to my work once I return from my book break. With that in mind, I bring you The Squatter 16 - From My Library. These are brief quotes to wet your appetite for the rest of the book. The titles range from professional teaching books, to (relatively) humorous takes on the history of rocket fuel development. If you're anything like me, you'll find something you enjoy. If you're nothing like me, you'll probably still enjoy at least one of these titles. Check them out on Amazon. These are affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links, I'll get a tiny portion of the purchase price, and you'll get a huge chunk of my appreciation. T