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Squatter 32 - Is A.I. Cheating?

 Keeping up on the rapid fire posting of squatters. Don't expect it to continue. I was WAY behind on posting. That being said, this Squatter asks the question what exactly is "cheating" when it comes to A.I.? It's not as black and white as you would think. Teachers need to consider this question on a continuum, rather than a yes or no. Check out Squatter 32 to see what I mean. Drop a comment and share your thoughts. Do you have experience with students trying to pass of AI generated work as their own? What do you do in your classes to encourage responsible use of AI... or do you just ban it and pretend it doesn't exist? As usual, click the image below for a full-sized PDF of Squatter 32.

Squatter 31 - Musical Pep-Talk

Teaching... or life in general... can be hard. Sometimes you need to find inspiration to keep moving forward. As a musician, I often find my inspiration to hold it together (or go ahead and fall apart... that's okay sometimes too) in the lyrics of a song. With that in mind, Squatter 31 is all about song lyrics that can help you through it... whatever "it" is. There is a QR code to an Apple Music playlist at the bottom if you'd like to hear them all. Drop a comment and let me know your favorite song, or if you need help identifying one. I present to you, Squatter 31 - Musical Pep-Talk. As usual, click on the image below for a full resolution PDF of Squatter 31!

Squatter 30 - Rivals

 The idea for Squatter 30 was given to me during a session I was presenting about graphic design. We were discussing where ideas and inspiration can come from, and someone suggested making a football rival themed Squatter. I thought it was a great idea, and this is the result. I give you Squatter 30 - Rivals! As usual, click the image below for a full resolution PDF of Squatter 30!