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Ed Tech 180 #3 - Text Transcripts in Google Meet using

 Been in a Google Meet lately? Ha... yeah... I know... that's like asking if you've taken a breath or seen the sky lately. Ever wanted a transcript of that meet for reasons? Maybe you want to make a study guide from a lesson you recorded in Meet. Maybe you wanted to provide a read-along text for a vide you created. Maybe you wanted to offer your students the ability to read through something you taught via Google Meet for clarity and deeper understanding. Now, with the power of (a Freemium tool) you can have it. Take a look!

The Squatter 14 - High Effect Tech

People of the Earth. Read and heed my words. If you're in education, and not at least vaguely familiar with Hattie's work, you should probably take a gander. Go search for it. I'll wait. It's quite the meta-study. Seriously, think about the sheer numbers of pages of information that have been assimilated for you. Anyway, you know I'm all about instructional tech, but you can't build your lesson plans around the hot new tech you want to use. Your plans need to be built around a well defined learning target and grounded in an appropriately chosen instructional strategy. Once you have those taken care of, then you should start choosing your tech tools. You don't design a project around your tools, and you shouldn't plan lessons around the tech you want to use. With these things in mind, I give you The Squatter 14 - High Effect Tech. As usual, click the image below for a full-sized PDF.

The Squatter 13 - Ye Olde Classroom Hookup

 Google Classroom... love it or leave it, take it or leave it, with or without onions, I think it's here to stay. That being said, you know there's tons of third party apps and websites that will work directly with Google Classroom, right? Take a gander at The Squatter 13 for a handy dandy list of just a handful of apps that integrate directly with Google Classroom. Click on the image below for a full sized pdf.

Tall Tech Guy vol. 4 - Social Media

 Regardless of your stance on social media, it's here, and it's here to stay. I wanted to create a resource for students to get them to think about social media without being overly negative or preachy. The last way to be effective is to have students look at the information and think "ugh... this old guy and his anti-social media drivel." Yes, teenagers in my head say words like drivel. Like. anything else in the world, if you have a stance, you can generally find research that will support your stance. In an effort to be non-biased, I attempted to find information that is both pro, and anti social media. Anyway, here is Tall Tech Guy vol. 4 - Social Media. If you'd like a copy, please click below and print one for yourself. You know what... if you'll reach out in the comments below, I'll print and mail you one. Seriously. Just don't put your address below. Who knows what will show up in your mailbox if you do that. We'll figure out some other way