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Tall Tech Guy vol. 4 - Social Media

 Regardless of your stance on social media, it's here, and it's here to stay.

I wanted to create a resource for students to get them to think about social media without being overly negative or preachy. The last way to be effective is to have students look at the information and think "ugh... this old guy and his anti-social media drivel."

Yes, teenagers in my head say words like drivel.

Like. anything else in the world, if you have a stance, you can generally find research that will support your stance. In an effort to be non-biased, I attempted to find information that is both pro, and anti social media.

Anyway, here is Tall Tech Guy vol. 4 - Social Media. If you'd like a copy, please click below and print one for yourself. You know what... if you'll reach out in the comments below, I'll print and mail you one. Seriously. Just don't put your address below. Who knows what will show up in your mailbox if you do that. We'll figure out some other way to get your address to me so I can send it out.

If you'll click on the image below... it gets bigger!


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