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Squatter 20 - Mitchell Myths (A Tale of Self-Advocacy)

 Squatter 20 - Mitchell Myths Sometimes, in a position with a vague list of responsibilities, you end up with your responsibilities expanding to all manner of things within your skillset. You also end up expanding your skillset to keep up with additional responsibilities. The more you expand the scope of things you take care of, the more people around you will assume the things you're doing are a part of your job. In fact, if they perceive those things you've added just to help out are among the main things you do, you may find yourself in the situation where you end up doing those side things more than the main things. Next thing you know, the side things have become the main things. Phew... that's a lot of things. That's exactly where you need to advocate for yourself. Create a plan to tame the things that feel out of control. Limit the times during the day they will be in control. Create a plan to adjust expectations of the people you work with. Once you've got t