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The Squatter 14 - High Effect Tech

People of the Earth. Read and heed my words. If you're in education, and not at least vaguely familiar with Hattie's work, you should probably take a gander.

Go search for it. I'll wait.

It's quite the meta-study. Seriously, think about the sheer numbers of pages of information that have been assimilated for you.

Anyway, you know I'm all about instructional tech, but you can't build your lesson plans around the hot new tech you want to use. Your plans need to be built around a well defined learning target and grounded in an appropriately chosen instructional strategy. Once you have those taken care of, then you should start choosing your tech tools.

You don't design a project around your tools, and you shouldn't plan lessons around the tech you want to use.

With these things in mind, I give you The Squatter 14 - High Effect Tech.

As usual, click the image below for a full-sized PDF.


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