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The Squatter vol.11 - What do you Meme?

Let me tell you what... I'm excited about this vol.11 of The Squatter. I'm so excited that I'm rolling out this post a week early.

The day I started looking for what to do in Squatter 11 was an odd day. You know. One of those days where things that aren't usually funny are really funny. I like those days.

Anyway, I said to myself "Self, I want you to make a Squatter that is entirely Memes."

I need everybody to understand that the intent here is amusement, while at the same time making a few points and offering suggestions. I'm not trying to call anyone out, or throw shade at anyone in particular. If you feel offended by any particular meme in Squatter 11, please contact me about it. We'll try to figure out why a meme that calls out people for always using "Reply All" would offend you. Be prepared for me to do my best Dr. Phil...


"So you've used reply all to try to let me know that a meme throwing shade at people who use reply all every time has made you have some kind of feeling. How's that working out for you?"

Did you hear Dr. Phil's voice in your head as you read that?

Good. That's probably 1000% better than the impression I did while typing it.

Anyway, I give you The Squatter vol.11 - What do you Meme?

The Squatter 11



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