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The Squatter 12 - Chrome Extensions

 Welcome to The Squatter 12!

We're diving back into the realm of Chrome extensions. Here you'll find a handful of super helpful extensions to help you save time, free up memory, record yourself, and keep your students on task.

Take a minute and read through the extensions listed. You might find something new. I know I did while researching for Squatter 12.

Click the image below for a full sized PDF of Squatter 12.


  1. I just try many times to get this extension on chrome but didn't working can you sent me valid link to add it on google chrome actually i need to manage my Wikipedia edits and write that's why I comment here to resolve my problem

  2. Does Ed Puzzle have an interactive piece for the students such as a discussion board or blog post?

    1. I do not think Ed Puzzle has a way for the students to interact with each other. You can use it to insert short answer questions in a video, but their writing would only be seen by the teacher.

  3. Do you find that ED Puzzle gives students the access to post to discussion boards. I understand that you can create questions and monitor student feedback but can it be intertwined with blogs and Twitter posts?


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