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Squatter 19 - The Omnibox

 Google does a lot. Yes, the company you think of as "Google" (ahem... Alphabet) does a ton, but I mean the literal page google.com. It may not look like it does much. There's the doodle, and the search bar (ahem... Omnibox) and a couple of buttons. So simple that it can't be that powerful, right?

Sorry, but no. The Omnibox has some neat tricks. Yes, it's got the goofy tricks. Have you tried askew? do a barrel roll? Google Gravity? Zerg Rush? Some of these require you to hit the "I'm feeling Lucky" button to activate these days. Those are cute, but the Omnibox also has some very useful tools. That's what Squatter 19 is all about.

Take a look.

As always, click the image below for a full sized PDF to print for yourself.


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