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Squatter 24 - Cognitive Bias vol.2

 Yep. More cognitive biases.

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to make sure you are aware of potential bias in an effort to seek the truth, rather than what your brain wants to be the truth. Yes, sometimes those are two different things.

For example, find a clock with a second hand that ticks.
Look at it.
Close your eyes.
Count to 15.
Look at the clock again.

Many of you are now asking yourself, why did it take the second hand so long to move right after I opened my eyes.

Here's the thing. It didn't take longer. It was the same time as every other second that clock ticks. That seemingly extra long second was your brain's way of interpreting what was going on. Your brain processes big chunks first, and small details later.

Your brain can fool you. Isn't that nice? What's even better is that you'll believe it.

Anyway, Here's Squatter 24. Click the image below for a full sized PDF.


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