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Google Certifications - Not Just For Teachers Anymore

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Do you love Internet points? Do you enjoy having nifty little certification images in the signature of your email? Want something to put on your resume that is easy, relatively inexpensive, and will only take a couple of hours?

Teachers, Consider Google Certification.

Teachers, Google has tons of information available at their Teacher Center, but honestly, if you work in a G-Suite system, you probably already know enough to pass at least the Level 1 test. Take a look through the resources, and sign up. The level 1 exam is only $10, so give it a shot. The Level 2 test takes you a bit more in depth in the basic G-Suite tools, and adds a couple other things in there. Once again, there is training available at the Teacher Center. The level 2 exam is $25. For the Level 1 and Level 2 test, you need a nice quiet place to take the test on a computer with a webcam. You will have three hours to complete the test. Google also offers Trainer and Innovator certification. I plan to post more in depth about those as I earn those certifications. Google for Education Certifications are good for three years.

If you are not a teacher, Google still has something for you... or rather, they are about to. Google Cloud Certification has begun the pilot program for G-Suite certification that will be available to everyone soon. This test is similar to the Educator Level 1 exam, with a few differences. The exam window is only two hours, and the cost is $75. The proctoring experience is a bit different as well. You have your choice of going to a testing location, or going through the remote proctoring system. If you choose to take it at your own location, you will need a computer with a webcam, and a secure location to take the test. Once your scheduled test window opens, you will speak with a remote proctor who will ask you to turn your webcam around and show him or her various angles in the room. They will want to make sure your cell phone is not within arm's reach, and that you don't have any testing contraband on the floor under your chair. There are training materials on the website linked above, along with sections for FAQs. There are several other certification exams available through Google Cloud Certification. Google Cloud Certifications are good for two years.

Are you certified? Are you considering adding certifications to build your resume? To increase your effectiveness in the classroom? To show your willingness to further your professional development on your own?

Leave a comment. Let me know about your experience... don't forget to keep your comments tempered by Google's NDA you had to agree to before taking the test.


  1. Google is WIDE open of options for more than just teachers. If only more people knew of the doors that Google could open for them...other than just a search outlet!! Go, go, gadget Google!!


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