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Online Truth - Where and How to find it.

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In today's world of Infobesity, you need to have a finely tuned truth detector when online. So how do we equip ourselves, and our students to navigate the maze of falsehoods, fake news, and alternative facts online? Here's a few quick resources for you. Play with them. You'll find a way to integrate them into a digital citizenship lesson in no time.

Check out Snopes for the truth behind those social media "news" stories.

Play Factitious and see if you can tell true news from fake news.

Try Bad News and earn a legion of followers (and learn a lesson about why people make fake news.)

Leave a comment sharing your ideas about how to integrate these sites in your classroom.


  1. So many times.....It's on the internet, therefore it HAS to be true....or What resources do you have to prove your statement?..I looked it up on the Iternet...Therefore, it's legit!! Very good resource material here in order for distinguishing fact and fiction!! Thank you!!


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