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The Squatter - vol.9 - Keyboard Shortcuts (again)

Okay, world. I know you've been waiting patiently. It's finally time for Squatter NINE!

If Squatter 9 looks like a re-hash of Squatter 1... well... it... ummm... sort-of... IS. That's on purpose. This is posted in private places for R&R (Reading and Relief) around my campus. This is a reminder of all the great things you can do quickly with the push of a few buttons.

Note that this time around, I included shortcuts for Windows, ChromeOS, and MacOS. That being said... c'mon Apple. We'll need keyboard shortcuts for snap! You're just about to roll out Big Sur... Can you add just one more feature before it drops? It can't be that hard.

Well, that's enough babble for now. Enjoy your R&R time.



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