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Shark Tank 11.10.2020


Innovative Educators of Bryan County Middle School,

Do you have what it takes to rise to the top?

Can you make it where others fail?

Are you a champion?


Prove it.

You get one shot.

Five minutes.

Tell them why you're Elite.

Tell them why you need this for your classroom.

Tell them why your idea deserves to survive.

Here's how

You will get one opportunity to present one "Premium" EdTech tool that you think should be funded for our schoolhouse for one year.

  1. Select a Paid, Online EdTech tool you would like to be considered by the Sharks. (Examples include but are not limited to Floop, BreakoutEDU, EdPuzzle, Plickers, Parlay, etc.)
  2. Complete the Intent to Enter the Water form.
  3. Create a presentation, and explain why BCMS needs to fund your chosen EdTech tool.
  4. Presentations may be made alone, or in groups of up to three people total.
  5. Five minutes will be allowed for your presentation, followed by five minutes for the Sharks to ask questions.
After all presentations have been made, the Sharks will confer and will award prizes based on your presentations. Questions that YOU should address as a part of your presentation include:

  • How can this tool be used in various subject areas?
  • How many students will be impacted by this?
  • How will you make this purchase "worth it"?
  • How will you keep student's lives from becoming over-saturated with this?
  • What is the Price, and how is it structured? (per seat, per teacher, per school)
  • Is there a free version? What makes the paid version so attractive?
  • How will this help advance your lessons in SAMR? If you don't know, Google it. This one is important!

Prizes include

  • Vivis
  • Newline RS Series Interactive Panels
  • One Paid Subscription to an EdTech Tool

So Pick a partner (or not) and start working. Blow away the sharks, and get ready to be blown away by the prizes!


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