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Book Review - Educational Duct Tape by Jake Miller

If you're in Education, and have paid any attention whatsoever to the EdTech space, you've probably heard of Jake Miller. His website (jakemiller.net) and podcast (Educational Duct Tape) are staples in the EdTech community. Seriously, if you haven't checked out any of his stuff yet, you're in for a treat.

I could, and probably should, write a full review about the website and podcast, but today it about the book. What follows is my loose, hastily written, randomly ordered thoughts about the book. I'd do a better job of organizing this, but I've got two young ones waiting on me to come play Candy Land.

If you're an educator, this book should be on your reading list. Yes, it's full of tech tips, but tech changes rapidly. Yes, it's full of recommended tech tools to fit certain needs, but again, that tech will change in the future.

The real value here is in the recounting of Jake's experience as a developing educator. His repeated mantra of "Know Better, Do Better" as a common theme throughout the book serves to guide and reassure any young (or not-so-young) educator that would appreciate tips on how to improve teaching practice. That is what I enjoyed the most about this book.

Jake does a great job of recounting his growth as an educator from the days of using transparencies on the overhead (remember those?) It follows a growth mindset in a step-by-step (or drip-by-drip) way of constantly improving your practice. THAT is the value in this book.

Today, this book is a great EdTech resource. It's lasting appeal is Jake's personal journey. Unlike some of the tech tools recommended, that won't ever go out of date.


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