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Squatter 17 - Vivi

Full disclosure, I had never heard of Vivi before my current position.

Vivi is three things.

  1. It is a little blue box that attaches to any video device with an HDMI input you have in your classroom. Projector? Sure. Touch Panel? Even better because Vivi will pass the touch inputs back to your computer.
  2. It is an app that you install on your computer, as well as push out to student devices that allows screen sharing, annotation, assessment, feedback... lots of stuff.
  3. It is a web-portal that allows access to the data you've collected from your students.
Vivi is a capable platform. The more you use it, the more you think of other things you can do with it.

With that in mind, Squatter 17 is all about things you can do with Vivi. I know it might not apply to you, but if you're in the ed-tech space, and you don't know about Vivi, consider this a primer.

As usual, click the image below for a larger version, and be Excellent to each other.


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