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Time Lapse Learning

 I love failures.

I also (generally) enjoy playing the long game.

This has been a really long game.

I've been into 3D printing since purchasing my first printer for the STEM lab where I used to teach. I started with no printers, and by the end of my second year in that lab, I had six! Fast forward to a career change, and I no longer had access to the 3D print farm I had built. My darling, beautiful wife bought a 3D printer for me to use at home. My learning continued there. The biggest lesson I learned...

Upgrades aren't always upgrades.

Anyway, without getting too off in the technical weeds, I've been learning how to use Time Lapse software to make nice, smooth videos of my 3D prints as they're being made. I threw all (err... most... well... some) of the videos in a compilation for YouTube. I think most of them came out well considering the quality of the potato (camera) I used for filming. That being said, if you want me to get in the technical weeds of 3D printing, let me know in the comments below. I've run printers from multiple brands, multiple slicers... I'm on my third hot end! I've made mistakes, gotten experience, and learned a ton.

Anyway, check out the video.

Incidentally, this is on a side YouTube Channel I made called Unpunctual. It's a reflection of the sporadic nature of the video posting. I'll put any videos there that don't pertain to the EdTech focused stuff on my usual channel, ItsTheMitchell.

Also, if you're interested in getting into 3D printing, here's the most reason of the 3D printer I'm using, as well as some of my favorite filaments used in the video.


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