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Shark Tank 3.17.2022

Innovative Educators of Bryan County Middle High School,

Are you driven to make a difference?

Do you have the skills required to stand head and shoulders above the rest?

When opportunity knocks, do you answer?

Are you a contender?


Show it.

Opportunity is knocking.

Five minutes.

Show them you're driven to make a difference.

Show them your skills.

Show them you're Elite.

Want to know how?

  1. Select a paid, EdTech tool you would like to be considered by the Sharks. (Examples include, but are not limited to Floop, BreakoutEDU, Plickers, Parlay, Nearpod, PearDeck, etc.)
  2. Complete the Intent to Enter the Water form. (https://link.itsthemitchell.com/sharktankintent2022)
  3. Create a presentation, and explain why BCMHS needs to fund your chosen EdTech tool.
That's it. It's really as easy as 1. 2. 3.

Want to know more?

Rules? Okay. Here's the lowdown.
  1. You may present alone, or as a part of a team.
  2. Target presentation length is five minutes.
  3. Following the presentation you will be questioned by the sharks.
Again, easy as 1. 2. 3.

Some tips? More Info? Sure!

  • Think of the first minute of your presentation as an "elevator speech."
  • There will be an interactive panel available for you.
    • Make your elevator speech a cool video and play it.
    • Add music to play in the background of your presentation.
  • Answer these questions as a part of your presentation
    • How can this tool be used in various subject areas?
    • How many students will be using your EdTech tool?
    • How will you make sure this purchase is worthwhile for our school?
    • If your EdTech tool is purchased for the entire campus, how will you prevent students' lives from becoming over-saturated with it?
    • What is the Cost, and what is the pricing structure? Per Student? Per Teacher? Per School?
      • Yes. Reach out to the company and get a quote. This is expected.
      • Don't back off if the price is high. We're willing to fund innovative teaching!
    • Is there a free version? What makes the paid version worth the money?
    • How will this help advance your lessons in the SAMR model?
      • If you don't know what that is, Google it.
        • Or ASK ME!
            • Seriously. If you don't include this, the sharks will ask, and you're look unprepared if you don't have an answer!
  • "Presentation" does not necessarily mean "PowerPoint" or "Google Slides Presentation" or "Prezi". Want to do a presentation with no tech involved? Go for it.


Prizes? We're going to fund some EdTech tools. Maybe one. Maybe more than one.

Pick a partner, choose a team, or go it alone.

Blow the sharks out of the water!

You can do it! You know why? Because you're the bomb!



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