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I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that AI is not a future concept. It is here today.

Over the holiday season, make some time to play on the website openai.com.

It can write, chat, and create images based on prompts from users.

It’s really good.

Your students know may know about this.

They may already be passing off AI writing as their own.


Want to know how good it is? Here’s a couple examples.

I told openAI to write a script for a sitcom featuring the grinch and a large talking cockroach. This is its response.

Up next, I asked openAI If George Washington ran for President of the USA today, would he win the election.

ELA Teachers, you can use this to your advantage. I asked for five writing prompts for seventh grade students about holiday adventures. This is what I got.

Math teachers, I didn’t leave you out either. I asked for five word problems that require multi-step equations to solve.

Moving on to images, I asked for a cell-shaded image of an astronaut riding a unicorn in front of a coral reef.

If all of that isn’t enough to make you nervous about the current state of technology, how about a video?

Did you know that President Nixon had a speech prepared to be read to the American public in case the Apollo 11 astronauts were not able to return from the Moon? Thankfully, he never had to read it.

Cue MIT.

On November 22, 2019, MIT Deepfaked a video of Nixon reading the script. The project was titled In Event of Moon Disaster.

Take a look.



Deepfake video is really something to look out for today. For the most part, it’s been used to insert different actors in movies they didn’t appear in, like replacing Jack Nicholson with Jim Carey in The Shining. It’s also recently been used for political manipulation. Here’s a video of Voldymyr Zelensky urging his armies to lay down their weapons and surrender to Russian forces.



One more. Something fun this time to lead us into the break! Live Deepfake technology used on America’s Got Talent.

Check. This. Out.



I had a few ask for a tutorial on how to do this on the OpenAI Website.

Here you go!


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