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The Splashback - SS9

The Squatter. It's my version of Potty PD. Basically I make infographic style posters, laminate them, and post them in the staff restrooms around campus to maximize my captive audience. I try to make them funny and useful, as well as eye catching. All of the previous Squatters are posted here on itsthemitchell.com. Let me know what you find that's good or bad. Useful or awful. Both are helpful information to guide me in the future.

I've had a few ideas for increasing engagement. One of them is "The Squatter Squad." To be a part of The Squatter Squad (picture teachers in superhero poses... but in the bathroom) all you have to do is email me something relating to the currently posted Squatter in the building. That gains you entry to The Squatter Squad for the month, as well as the opportunity to snag something from the Squatter Squad Swag Bag (box.) I have a box full of all kinds of stuff. Candy, BC Logo Swag, 3D printed trinkets, and everyone's favorite... JEANS PASSES!!!

Then, I had this idea today. What if I took the replies I got from teachers I work with from reading The Squatter, and posted it to the blog. I could give it a clever, Potty PD related name, and post it to the blog each month. I think that's a great idea, and since this is my domain, I'm going to do it. Now all I need to do is name it.

So far we've got

The Squatter - The Potty PD
The Squatter Squad - The group of AWESOME people that interact with me because of The Squatter
The Deposit - The page on the blog that contains all the past issues of The Squatter

And now...


Now that I've explained the premise of The Splashback, here we go.

For starters, here's the link to Squatter 9.


As you can see, it's all about keyboard shortcuts. There's some helpful information there, but we all know that's not all the keyboard shortcuts that are out there. Here's the responses I received this month. If I get any more responses before the end of September, I'll add them here.

And away we go...

Mrs SOne of my favorite keyboard shortcuts is Win+D to hide the screen. I used this all the time as a teacher when I had to turn on a projector or unfreeze the projector.

Mrs M - My favorite keyboard shortcut is in GC: "Window + period" allows me to use emojis in the (Google Meet) chat.

Mrs M2 - Windows button + shift + s    ======== snip tool

Mrs F - Ctrl + (- or +) This will allow you to zoom in or out of whatever you have up.

Mrs W Control + L - Automatically takes highlights the address bar so you can type a new website.

Mr K - Windows Key + M - Minimize all windows

Ms L - ctrl + shift + (arrow key) for screen rotation


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